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Xiamen, China

Xiamen, China

Xiamen is a little bit like the Florida of China. It’s a southern city that is popular with northerners in the winter months. There are beaches, palm trees, and plenty of attractions for visitors (though English is not as prevalent there as in some of the major cities like Beijing or Shanghai). It’s proximity to Taiwan also makes it a convenient place for savvy expats who need to leave the country occasionally on their tourist visas. We spent one month in Xiamen, and though we weather wasn’t as warm as we were promised, we still enjoyed the opportunity to spent some time outside, exploring a new continent with Baby Lisa. Here’s everything we’ve written so far about Xiamen, China.

A Family Travel Photoshoot on Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, China

While we were in Xiamen, enjoying the start of our year in Asia, we decided to start 2018 with some family portraits. We hadn’t done any in a while, so we hired a local photographer to show us around Gulangyu Island and take some photos of us. The nice thing about hiring a local photographer is that they know the scenery, so after our portraits were finished, we just took out our own cameras and tried our best to remember the route we had taken. This post is mostly about sharing our new family portraits. How do you think our Xiamen photographer compares to Jake? (Choose your words carefully!)