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Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Photography Above Kotor, Montenegro

Probably the most iconic sight in Kotor is the amazing Our Lady of Remedy, a small stone church, perched high above the tiny and beautiful old town. Between us, we climbed up there three times during our stay there in March, and it provided us with some of the best photography we’ve ever taken. You can enjoy our pictures in this post while you read about what you can expect to find on the mountain. It also has a behind the scenes look at how we took one of our favorite pictures.

Walking on Water in the Bay of Kotor

Another one of our favorite photos was taken right in the waters of the bay of Kotor. In this post we tell you where to find the beach where we took this photo, and how you can plan correctly if it’s something you’d like to try. Warning: in March, the water is really, really cold, so you have to be just as dedicated as Dannie was.

Lisa Turns 18 Months Old in Kotor, Montenegro

That’s right, Lisa’s growing up right before our eyes. This post is a reflection on what it’s like for us to see her turning into a little girl, knowing full well that she won’t remember the home we left to begin our amazing journey together.

Slow Living Farmstay with Meanderbug in Montenegro

Meanderbug connects travelers with locals to create slow travel experiences in Montenegro and nearby countries. We met Brit, the companies founder, and he was nice enough to take us on a tour of some of their nearby places. We relaxed in a glamping tent, ate a healthy organic vegetarian lunch, sipped home made wine at a mountainside vineyard, and enjoyed all the beautiful views we could handle. Oh, and Lisa met a goat.