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Dali, China

Dali, China

Dali, China is a small city (by Chinese standards), about the size of Boston, located in the Southwestern Yunnan Province. Between Erhai Lake and beautiful snowcapped mountains, it’s a photographer’s paradise. We’ve decided to make Dali our base for exploring Yunnan, which we’ll be doing for most of 2018. Most Chinese travelers see Dali as a resort town, and it has its share of attractions. From natural scenery to a beautiful old town, to modern shopping centers, there’s no end of things to do. There is a community of expats that live here, but we’re mostly doing our own thing, as always. We have so much to explore, including many other towns and sites in the region that we will have easy access to. Here’s everything we’ve written about Dali so far:

Photographing the Cherry Blossom Valley of Dali, China

The Cherry Blossom Valley is a gorge in a mountain called Cangshan in Dali, China, that is positively covered in cherry blossom trees. We stayed in a housing development that surrounds the valley, so we had plenty of time and opportunity to get our photography. This post is our guide to finding and photographing the Cherry Blossom Valley.

Photographing Cherry Blossoms at Dali University in Yunnan, China

In this post we show off some photos from the Dali University campus, one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Dali. It’s home to hundreds (thousands?) of trees that explode with beautiful pink flowers in March. We made a number of trips up there, and we share a few tips for finding the flowers, getting good photos, and enjoying yourself at the campus while you are in Dali, China.

Baking Lessons at the Black Dragon Cafe in Dali, China

This post is pretty self explanatory. Nostalgic for the delicious bread we’d grown accustomed to while traveling in Europe, we signed up for a baking class. We enjoyed making and eating the bread, but it turned out that the real treat was seeing baby Lisa getting down and dirty in the kitchen. It really highlighted for us how much being involved in food preparation changes the way she sees her meals. She also really put on a show for the camera, so we wound up posting way more photos than we usually do.