Back when Jake and I were nearly settled down, I felt an intense sense of wanderlust that drove us to embark on our journey.

But every once in a while we visit a place that just sort of feels like home. It’s partly because we use Airbnb, which means we are often literally staying in someone’s home. We spent four nights in a real English cottage farm in the Lake District in England, and there was a part of me that sort of wanted to stay.

Relaxing in the courtyard of our bed and breakfast Airbnb farmhouse in the Lake District, England.

Chickens at Lake District Farmhouse from our time in the United Kingdom.

It wasn’t full of huge monuments like some of the more glamorous cities we’ve visited, like Paris, Rome, or Venice, but it was beautiful in it’s own way.

The hillsides covered with sheep, the little winding roads, the quaint, sleepy little villages nestled in the valleys and against the seashores – all of these things whispered in my ear that life in the region was quiet, friendly and simple.

Relaxing farmhouse lifestyle in the Cumbria Region of the United Kingdom

Lisa helps with the laundry. Lisa helps with the laundry.

Playing in the yard in the peaceful Lake District, UK.

Taking a break in the Lake District during our three months in the UK.

Of course, it’s easy to oversimplify the lives of others. But for a few days I really enjoyed imagining the idyllic lifestyle

I would wake up and cook breakfast in the huge farmhouse kitchen, then relax in the yard with my computer while Lisa chased the chickens around the house all morning.

In the afternoon, when Jake got back from whatever it is he was doing (I’m picturing him chopping wood without a shirt or something), we could prepare dinner together and eat outside on a big farm buffet table.

In the evenings we would all go out to take photos in the hills or along the coast at sunset, then sip wine while we talk about doing the same thing the next day.

Relaxing in a Cumbrian backyard. Since we're in England, why not a cup of tea?

Walking out the door of our farmhouse Airbnb in the Lake District in Cumbria, United Kingdom.

Setting out to explore the farms and hills of the Lake District.

Walking by quaint houses in a small Lake District town during our stay in Cumbria.

One of the advantages of traveling is that you get to experience the best a place has to offer and then move on before reality sinks in.

But something tells me that life here was at least a little more laid-back than in the city. I remember returning home one evening after a photo shoot to hear our hosts sitting together in the back yard, playing the guitar and singing together as they shared a drink at the end of the day. We went and joined them for a moment and they played a song just for Lisa as she clapped her hands. I think that moment, as much as any of the breathtaking views, will shape my memories of the Lake District.

If Lisa remembers any of it, it will be the chickens.

The hillsides of the Lake district were beautiful and dramatic (in a peaceful way).

Exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the Lake District hills.

Chasing sheep (non aggressively) as we enjoy the English Lake District.

The hills of the Lake District were covered with sheep. A treat for a traveling baby.

Our traveling family really enjoyed our stay in the dramatic landscapes of the Lake District.

If your family travels to the Lake District of England, watch out for nasty thistles.

Exploring the edge of a sheep filled field in the Cumbrian Lake District with our traveling baby.

Lisa was ready for adventure. That's what traveling as a family will do for the little ones. Lisa was ready for adventure. That’s what traveling as a family will do for the little ones. Some of the local residents of the Lake District in the UK. Don't get too close, they're a little sheepish. Some of the local residents of the Lake District in the UK. Don’t get too close, they’re a little sheepish.

Lisa loved interacting with all the farm animals during our travels in Cumbria. 

Have you ever visited a place and thought it felt more like a home than a destination?