Michaela and Joe: Engagement Photography in Tampa, Florida

As morning turned to afternoon Jake was exchanging emails with Michaela and Joe, discussing the pros and cons of trying to get their engagement shoot in before the rain. Eventually they decided to go for it. I was much to pregnant to attend this one, but I was nervous for Jake as he headed down to Tampa with his gear. Jake and I make it a point to work together whenever possible - that’s why we started our business together in the first place - so I knew he was going to miss me.

Even though the rain was supposed to start at the same time as their session, Michaela and Joe must have done something right that morning because the clouds were still distant on the horizon when they got started. Jake said that throughout their shoot he could see half the sky getting darker and darker, until, as they neared the end they were walking a little more briskly than before as they went from shot to shot on their way back to the cars.

I wish I could have been there. Jake said that they were an amazing couple, and they sure look that way in their photos. You can tell when a smile is natural and when it’s posed, and these two clearly smile a lot when they are together. We wish the best to Michaela and Joe as they start their lives together.



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