Fort DeSoto Park always makes me think of love. Not only do we photograph studio clients there all the time, we also spent a week camping there on vacation together back when we were dating. I can still remember Jake almost getting trapped on a sandbar when the tide came in while he was following some birds. There’s a memory for us there around every bend (and on every sandbar, I suppose), so it was the obvious location for Lisa’s first picnic and a quick family photography session.

We finished our afternoon with a little relaxation on the blanket. We’re still afraid to put Lisa down in the sand because she would try to eat it, but she loves playing with her Mommy and Daddy wherever she is. We couldn’t resist the temptation to dangle her feet in the waves. The first splash of water startled her – the second one made her giggle.

All the way home, Jake and I talked about how great the day was and how lucky we are to have the time and flexibility to make trips like these a part of our lives. We really can’t wait to show Lisa all the places we love in the world, and all the places we see for the first time too.