Cabana bay beach resort orlando with Jen & Steph

When traveler’s visit Florida from out of state, Orlando is definitely among the top destinations, and as Canadians, Jen and Steph were as “out of state” as they come. We met them in the lobby of the Universal Orlando Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  Hearing Steph tell us about Universal’s Harry Potter event and the cruise they were embarking on the next day, reminded us that we really ought to enjoy some leisure time ourselves. We’ve noticed that whenever we take vacation photos people are smiling a little extra… you know, because they’re on vacation!


The resort had a fun retro feel to it - from the classic cars parked out front, to the throwback decor in the lobby. One thing the studio parks in Orlando are good at is making it feel like you’re stepping out of the here and now and entering another world.



{ Photography: Jake And Dannie Studio // Location: Cabana Bay Beach Resort }

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