Now that we have a baby girl in the family, Valentine’s day is never going to be the same. But much like how one candle that lights another does not diminish in brightness, sharing our love with our daughter will not take the romance out of our lives. I love Jake for his whole person, and part of that person is the father of my daughter. Take a look at our family lifestyle photography session we shot for our little growing family.

I think the best way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to let it be a day of reflection. It’s not about chocolate. It’s not about cards, jewelry or poems. Romance isn’t as simple or as complicated as that. It’s about showing somebody that you love them more than anything, and if you can accomplish that, then it doesn’t matter how you did it. Honestly, Jake and I try our very best to stay in a romantic state of mind all year, so whatever we do together on valentines day sort of feels like looking through a photo album and just feeling grateful that we have each other.

Don’t get me wrong – we love big gestures. We plan surprise trips for one another, we buy thoughtful gifts, and we dress up for a night on the town. But we don’t force it.

The other night Jake took me out to buy a new dress, and we got to talking about making restaurant reservations for the 14th. Then it occurred to us: we already had a sitter, and now we had a nice dress. So we went out for a wonderful, romantic Italian dinner, no reservations required. We had a wonderful conversation about our lives together and our dreams for the future. Valentine’s Day itself is going to be a family day for us, but I don’t mind sharing Jake’s love with the other woman in the house. She’s just one more candle lighting up our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

{Photography: Jacob Littlefield, Art Direction & Styling: Dannie Gao, Cuteness Control: Lisa Littlefield, Little Lisa’s favorite book: What a Wonderful World }