Natalie and LJ: Engagement Photography in Rye, New Hampshire

Natalie and LJ reminded me so much of my husband and myself. Natalie and I had similar career backgrounds, and LJ’s love of hiking got him into a conversation with Jake right away. Their proposal even took place at Plum Island where we went on our first date. I knew immediately that the day of our shoot was going to be special. Some couples are awkward in front of a camera, but that Sunday in Rye, their intimate connection and affection for one another made everything so easy. My favorite moment came when I opened my mouth to tell LJ to brush a lock of hair back from Natalie’s face, but before the words could come out his hand was already there. Theirs is a love that inspires with its initiative. It can’t be faked and it can’t be hidden away. What a pleasure it was to be a part of their lives for a few hours.


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