Nursery DIY: Wisteria Garlands


Jake is still painting the nursery dresser minty sea salt, with all the rain we have been getting it’s hard to paint (he wants to keep the garage door open for ventilation).

And this week (with help from my mom) I started adding some lavender color into the nursery. I knew I wanted some sort of flowery decoration in the nursery, but the abundance of choices on Pinterest made it hard for me to make up my mind. Finally I decided on making a wisteria garlands, and this is the post that inspired me. However since it’s for a nursery I wanted to use a softer material — and my mom has some (Chinese) superstitions and believes that paper flowers are bad luck (whatever!)

So we decided to make a soft Tulle version which looks more natural and makes a fun toy to touch and play with (when Lisa is old enough).



Color Tissue Paper
A roll of Dark Purple Tulle
A roll of Light Purple Tulle
Sharp Scissor
Sewing Needle
Yarn Needle
Thin Green Yarn or String
Purple Glass Beads


1. Fold and cut Tulle into 3″ squares and the tissue paper into 1 1/2″ squares. Make as many squares as you can to form an assembly line.

2. Stack three tulle squares (2 light 1 dark, offsetting them) together plus the tissue paper, and gather them in the middle.

3. Use sewing needle and thread to secure the ends.

4. Switch to yarn and yarn needle to thread the flowers together. Leave a little room at the end of the string to attach a bead for weight.

Have fun, many more to go! Mom and I chit chatted and made a bunch of these in one afternoon.


And here are the results, our orginial plan was to make some stringed wisterias to jazz up the lights, then after seeming how pretty it looked in the nursery, mom and I got carried awayay and we made a big chandlier center piece for the room.


It’s so much more personal and fun to add a little DIY into the nursery. I can’t wait for Lisa to be old enough to do crafts with me.


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