Amy and Luigi: Wedding Photography in Palm Harbor, Florida

We were pleased to join Amy and Luigi in Palm Harbor for their May wedding at the White Chapel and Harbor Hall.

We are beginning to notice that we become attached to our clients as we plan with them throughout their engagements. And, as a result our jobs become more and more enjoyable. It’s so easy to photograph a couple like Amy and Luigi, not only because they are beautiful people, but because we truly delight in their celebration of love. We join their families in congratulating them on finding each other, and on the future and the new family they will build together (I heard the number 8 thrown around when discussing children!). We hope that we will see the couple many times in the future on equally joyous occasions.

Here are some of the sights we captured on their special day. You can also view their engagement session, shot in Tarpon Springs.

The bride puts on her earrings before her wedding.

The flower bouquets laid out on a table in front of the bride

The bride poses with the ring bearer, flower girl and bridal party
The bride reads a note in the chapel

The groom getting ready before the wedding
The groom's shoes.
The groom's colorful socks.

The wedding bands rest next to a flower on a table

Musicians play in the chapel before the wedding ceremony.
The groom enters the chapel and approaches the alter.
The groom stands with his father at the alter.
The groom waits for the bride and the white carpet is laid out at the White Chapel in Palm Harbor, Florida.

The father of the bride gives his daughter away.
The bride and groom stand together at the alter.
Bride and groom getting married at the White Chapel in Palm Harbor, Florida.
The wedding party listens to a prayer during the ceremony.

Bride and groom consume the blood and body of Christ.

Bride and groom walking out door of White Chapel after wedding.
Bride and groom kissing on the brick road in front of the White Chapel in Palm Harbor, Florida.
Bride and groom kissing in the road.
A romantic moment in the street after the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom outside the chapel after their wedding.

The bride and groom kiss outside the White Chapel.
Black and white of bride and groom kissing under veil
The reception hall at the White Chapel in palm harbor before the guests arrive.

The bride getting ready for the wedding reception
The bride lets her hair down between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

A romantic wedding moment at sunset.

Black and white of the first dance at a beautiful Florida wedding.

Bride's parents sit together at wedding reception.
Bridesmaids peform indian dance during Florida wedding reception.
Indian danced performed by bridesmaids at wedding reception.
Bride and bridesmaids get ready to dance together.
Bride and bridesmaids peform an Indian dance.
Indian dance performed by bride and bridesmaids at wedding reception.
Bride and bridesmaids entertain wedding guests with an Indian Dance.
Bride and bridesmaids strike a pose at the end of their dance performance.
Children dancing during the wedding reception.
Bride and groom getting ready to cut the wedding cake.
Cutting the wedding cake together.
Groom gets wedding cake on the bride's face.
Bride and groom kiss after cutting the wedding cake.
Bride dances during her wedding reception.
Bride gets ready to throw the bouquet at her wedding.
The bride throws the bouquet to the women behind her.
Groom getting ready to remove the bride's garter.
The groom about to throw the garter behind him during the wedding reception.
Single guys at the wedding reception try to catch the garter.
Putting the garter on the woman who caught the bouquet.
The bride and groom dancing with the other guests at their wedding reception.
Newlyweds getting down at their reception.
The ice sculpture forms a heart and the bride and groom kiss in front of it.
Sparklers light the send off at the end of the wedding.
The bride and groom are sent off surrounded by sparklers.

After the send off, the bide and groom get in their sportscar and drive away.

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