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Bride in white looking out window

One of my favorite parts about wedding photography is the bridal preparations. The bride and her bridesmaids are encapsulated in a dreamy little bubble together, they are happy, sexy, confident, and of course full of nerves and excitement. It’s a great opportunity to capture the emotions that make the day special. It’s also an opportunity to see a woman transform herself into the beautiful bride she has been imagining for so long. Many women put more effort into their appearance on their wedding day than on any other day in their lives. To this end they sometimes hire a professional makeup artist, which I think is a great idea.

Bride getting ready.
A bride getting ready in front of the mirror. Black and white.
Bride looking through veil.
Bride in veil preparing for wedding.

I’m not an expert on makeup, but I like to think I’ve got my own face down pretty well. That being said, I’ve had the opportunity to see what a professional can do, and I know it can be transformative. The difference is particularly pronounced in photography. Don’t get me wrong, we can take a great photo of you whether you have professional makeup or you do it yourself, but if things are done right everything is easier, and not just because I have to spend less time in photoshop later removing blemishes. Nothing makes a bride’s smile glow like seeing the expressions on her bridesmaids’ faces when they tell her how beautiful she looks.

Bride resting in the garden.
A bride taking some time in the garden.
A beautiful bride with crystal teardrop earrings
A bride looks over her shoulder wearing a veil
A beautiful bride with a long veil holding white and red flowers
Closeup of bride with flowers wearing crystal head band
Confident bride in the garden, ready for her wedding

We’ve been working with the talented makeup artist Joan Allen, and these photos are from our latest effort with her, a bridal session featuring Melissa. Of course all of the brides and models that we photograph are beautiful from the start, but it’s still amazing to see her work. I like to think that the difference that professional makeup makes is similar to the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer. One of our brides to be recently took Joan up on the free consultation that she offers to our brides to be, and was so happy with the results that she hired her for her engagement session. It was so great to see the confident smile on her face while we photographed her and her fiancé.

A bride contemplates her wedding while waiting in the garden
A beautiful bride wears her wedding gown with a long veil
A bride in the garden waits for her wedding
Bride leans agains the wall holding flowers
The wind blows the veil of this bride holding flowers near a white wall.
A bride in white looks out a fogged window into the garden
A beautiful bride looks out the window through fogged glass

Thanks to everyone involved in making these beautiful photos happen.

Makeup artist Joan Allen prepares Melissa for a bridal photo shoot

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