Viktoriia and James: Wedding Photography in St. Petersburg, Florida

When Jake and I photograph weddings we walk around and for the most part we go unnoticed. This means that people talk in front of us, and we get a feel for the families and the wedding in general. At Viktoriia and James’s wedding at the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida there was one sentiment we heard again and again: “Viktoriia and James are really good for each other.”

Of course, we already knew this. James has an irrepressible boyish charm, and Viktoriia has the cool, calm and kind demeanor that compliments him perfectly. There wasn’t a moment during their wedding that we didn’t love. Even when it started raining during their ceremony the family picked up the arbor and carried it under a shelter and the ceremony went on, almost seamlessly with loved ones crowded close around the couple as they completed their vows and exchanged rings. It was the most intimate ceremony we’ve seen (in the sense of closeness), and the smiles were bigger with the rain falling in the background than they tend to be under the hot sun! We wouldn’t go back and change the ceremony if we could, and I doubt Viktoriia and James would either. A little rainy the weather can bring people closer together than you might expect.

We want to wish Viktoriia and James the best in the years ahead and thank them both for sharing a part of their lives with us.

You can also view their engagement session.

The bride applies makeup while the wedding dress hangs by the window
The bride's makeup is applied at the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida
The mother of the bride gets ready with her daughter
Some of the bride's jewlery displayed on her boquet before the wedding
Mother of the bride helps with the wedding dress near the window at the beach
The bride readies her veil with the ocean in the background in Florida
Beautiful bride looking through her veil with the beach out her window.

Beautiful bride puts on perfume before her wedding .
The bride looks through her veil and reflects on her upcoming wedding
The bride helps her father with his boutineer
Table settings before a wedding at the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida
The groom's shoes and novelty groom socks on the bed.  And the wedding bands hang on a branch.
The groom laughs as he holds a football in his dressing room.
The groom and his groomsmen getting ready.
Groomsman helps the groom fix his hair before the wedding
Florida Groom checking himself out in the mirror as he fixes his vest.
Florida groom goofs around with his little brother.
Groomsman helps groom with his boutineer.
Florida groom spends a moment reflecting before his wedding
Florida groom waits for his wedding to start and hands the ring to the ring bearer

Florida bride and groom stand in front of their friends and family on teir wedding day.
Father of the bride gives his daughter away at florida beach wedding
Ring bearer presents ring as bride and groom stand in front of arbor

Bride and groom pose for some wedding photos at the Sirata Beach Resort in Florida
Bride and Groom kissing on the balcony over the courtyard at the Sirata Beach Resort

More dance moves during florida wedding reception
Florida bride and groom celebrate together at the end of their wedding reception

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