Tampa Florida Engagement Photography | Marlene & Raul

We always show up early for our photo sessions, partly to scout, partly so that we won’t feel rushed, and partly because you never know what the parking will be like. We waited on the enormous verandah, talking about how the light might look falling between stone pillars in an hour, and whether the construction crew on the far end of the building would later interfere with our compositions. The University of Tampa was as scenic as we had heard. The sun was well into the sky by now, but the morning air was still far from the heat of midday.


We were on the steps of the museum when their car pulled up, and though we had never met Marlene and Raul before, we knew that they were in front of us. Their clothes were beautiful, their smiles were radiant, and their eyes were eager. In other words, they had their photo faces on.


We’ve met such great people since we started our Summer Special, but Marlene and Raul were exceptional. They were naturals in front of the camera, but moreover they were friendly, enthusiastic, and courteous. They are engaged to be married next spring, and we know that it will be a truly joyous occasion for them and for all their loved ones.


The setting was beautiful, the couple was brilliant, and the Florida sunshine was as bright as ever. What more could two lucky photographers ask for. When our session was over they even gave us a lift back to our car (apparently they knew the local parking better than we did).


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