This is the first post in our two part series about our anniversary vacation. (View the second day here)

Between shooting and editing photographs and publishing our blog, we’d been working pretty hard for a couple months. When our second anniversary rolled around last week we were more than ready for a vacation. On our drive down to Florida in April we passed by Savannah on the highway and Jake told me what a beautiful city it was. I told him I’d never been there, and we decided that we should make a road trip out of it. So last Monday we got up early and drove north to Georgia to celebrate two years together.

For weeks leading up to our trip, I’d been sneaking in research sessions on Pinterest,  planning the trip between mountains of work — I actually had a melt down the night before our trip, I was crying in the office saying “too much work … I’m tired” and Jake held my hand and listened to my whining then kissed my hand told me “well, you know what … We are going on a three day vacation starting tomorrow morning!” — I read somewhere that, for one to succeed in business one has to do 10 years of hard work without being heard. There, the night before our two year wedding anaversiery I thought, if it takes ten years for our photo studio to become known, that’s ten years of hard work. If it really takes that long, then I’m glad I’m doing it with Jake.

Because our stay was very short and there was so much to see, I wanted to make sure we didn’t just do all the tourist stuff but saw places and events that would create memories in our hearts. I also went on Groupon to look for local deals in Savannah. There happened to be a Groupon for this Amazing-Race-themed cellphone game called Crazy Dash, we thought it would be fun to play and explore the city before our check-in time. It’s sort of like a scavenger hunt for locations in a city. It’s only supposed to take an hour or so to finish, but we tended to meander a bit, taking photos and walking in and out of shops, this way got our most touristy stuff done in a novel, gamified way.

We tried out Crazy Dash to explore Savannah on the first day of our tripWe stopped by a lion fountain near the savannah waterfronta bunch of travel photos of scenery we saw on our first day in SavannahThere were lots of shops near the waterfront as we walked around taking photographsSavannah is full of lush vegetation and flowers which makes for great photo sceneryThe Savannah waterfront was bustling with tourists exploring the cityWe checked out a candy store and took some photos of candy being madeThe first day was sunny and hot. The sky in these pictures may look cool and blue but we were sweating bullets.Savannah is full of beautiful statues commemorating the city's history. It's good photography and educational.River Street near the savannah waterfront featured a lot of foot cool foot bridges. They make good travel photos.Savannah had lots of cool stairways, mostly on the sides of buildings, but some of them went from the street level down to the river.

I got excited about Bonaventure Cemetery — because it’s literally right down the street and I’ve seem so many Pinterest photos of the place. After relaxing in our Airbnb house to beat the Georgia heat, we headed to sightseeing.

Our airbnb host had a lovely patio with lots of plants and decorationsSue's patio was quiet and relaxing. It was fenced in so we could work on our photography blog without being disturbed by neighbors.Some travel photos taken right on the patio of our Airbnb home.A bunch more photos of Jake and I relaxing in our Airbnb residence

The Bonaventure Cemetery is famous for its beautiful statues, long rows of monuments, and spooky moss covered trees. Of course it wasn’t very spooky in the afternoon sun. I was really looking forward to the cemetery after seeing pictures on Pinterest, but I must admit that it felt weird using the site as a photography backdrop. so we were careful to tread lightly. Bonaventure closes at five pm, and by quarter of we were getting pretty hungry and we knew that we had a home cooked meal waiting for us, even though we were away from home.

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah is home to lots of beautiful statuesSome more statues in Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery. We couldn't wait to see them when we traveled to GeorgiaDannie poses near a statue in the Bonaventure Cemetery. Jake took the pictureDannie walks through the cemetery wearing a black dress. Jake gets ready for more photographyOne more statue photo in the Bonaventure cemeteryA monument from our photo expedition to Savannah cemeteryAngel statues from our travel to the bonaventure cemetery in SavannahA monument and a statue in Savannah GeorgiaA beautiful statue we saw in the cemetery on our trip to Savannah