Wedding Photography in St. Petersburg, Florida | Staci & Joel

Staci and Joel were nervous a day before their wedding. They weren’t nervous about getting married and loving one another for the rest of their lives - about that they had no doubts. But it was February and if the temperatures didn’t warm up in the next twenty four hours the beach wedding they had envisioned would have to be moved inside. Luckily someone up there loved Staci and Joel and on their wedding day they spoke their vows as the sun got low over the sea behind them at the Civitan Beach Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. The two families who watched were happily joined together.

We’d gotten to know Staci and Joel well before their wedding. We met with them several times, drinking coffee, running from rainstorms and even joined them for Italian food after their engagement session. Our favorite moment of the wedding was when we got to sneak of with the bride and groom for a few moments at sunset (and what a sunset) - it was a moment of beauty and quiet between two people in love. As they drove off after the reception we took the last photo of the day and waved to them with everyone else. Congratulations Staci and Joel, we wish you the best in the years and decades ahead.

His and hers chamagne glasses in the reception hall, decorated long before the wedding.
Bells for the guests to ring during the reception.

The groom reads a not written to him from his bride before their wedding (he cried).
The groom's father and the best man hold the gifts they received from the bride and groom on their wedding day.

The rings are exchanged and the groom kisses the bride on the beach before sunset
After being married on the beach the bride and groom walk triumphantly back up the aisle to the Civitan Beach Club in St. Petersburg, Fl.
Just before the wedding reception the couple spend some romantic time together and the wedding cake and cupcakes await.
The bride and groom silhouetted against the sunset on the dunes near the beach
Sneaking away from the reception on their wedding day to take some sunset photos by the beach.
Bride and groom run across the sand in front of a beautiful flroida sunset in St. Petersburg

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