Gear: Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8

No matter what brand you use, the Nikon 70-200mm is a classic for photographing weddings. We picked ours up this Summer as a way to celebrate the booking of our first wedding clients since moving to Florida. Even though we bought it to photograph people, I couldn’t wait to break it in so I gave in to my inner nature photographer and took it for a walk in the park.

Since then I’ve been using it during our couples and engagement sessions, capturing the more remote angles while Dannie gets up close and personal. The main reason I wind up carrying this lens instead of Dannie is that it is heavy. It weighs 3.4 pounds without the camera attached, and even my arms get a little soar after an hour or two lifting this one to my face. Dannie mostly uses her 85mm prime lens, and she’s pretty happy with it because both lenses are top of the line pieces of glass that take amazing pictures.

The 70-200 is even sharper than I expected, even though it is a zoom lens. We bought it to replace the 28-300mm, which had amazing reach. I thought that one was sharp while I was using it, and I loved it and loved the pictures I took, but the 70-200 blew it away. Beautiful Bokeh, rich colors, fast autofocus and effective vibration reduction - everything you’ve heard about it is true. Even though it doesn’t have the same reach as the 28-300, it’s so much sharper I can crop further on the computer so it actually has a higher effective reach once everything is said and done.

Below are some photos taken with the 70-200. Click on the images to view their original posts.

Luigi lifts amy for a kiss for engagement photography
Headlights at the end of a tunnel of live oaks at Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah Georgia. In this photo an incoming storm made everything dark
Model stands by tree at fort desoto in florida
An aligator surfaces in a Florida Pond in this Nature photo
Marlene and Raul enjoy a morning together getting their engagement photos taken in Tampa, Florida

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