Jake & Dannie is read by hundreds of thousands of modern families and clever TRAVELERS from all over the world every month.

We are excited to work with brands that identify with our community as well as this website’s message and aesthetic. Currently the only type of advertising we offer is sponsored content, so that we can develop creative ideas and projects that our readers will love. 

*We welcome press trips and sponsored tours, however what makes us special is that we travel as family, we like to work with agencies and operators who are familiar with handling families with little ones and can arrange child safe/friendly agendas. 

Some examples of our work with (Glamping Canonici Di San Marco / Meanderbug Tour / SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium / OrbitBaby O2 Stroller )

If this interests you, please email:

Jacob [AT] JakeAndDannie [DOT] COM

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