If you’ve ever looked up the Bay of Kotor, Montenegero online, you’ve seen that it is a veritable photographer’s playground. Beautiful old churches, city walls covered in flowers, a towering mountain fortress, and a bay that gives the fjords a run for their money. During our month there in March we took all those photos, but we always try to find something we haven’t seen before as well. This time, it turns out, little baby Lisa knew just where to find Kotor’s hidden gems. In this post we’ll I’ll go over where and how to take photos like these.

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Walking out into the blue water of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

Having fun in some shallow water in the Bay of Kotor.

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro has a place where you can walk out into the water.

We spotted a beach while Lisa was exploring near a (somewhat) toddler friendly playground. It was across a bridge over a river that flows down out of the mountains, around the city walls and into the Bay of Kotor. Where the river meets the water, there is a sandbar that stretches out into the bay, leaving a white, sickle shaped strip, just under the surface.

The blue water and mountains in the Bay of Kotor, with Dannie walking on water.

To find the beach we used, start near the big pier by the old town, and head North along the road. You will pass a playground on the left, and then go over a bridge. There will be a gravel parking lot on your left that you have to walk through to get to the beach.

Taking the Photo:

There are two places you can stand with your camera to photograph your subject walking on water. The first time we visited in the late morning and I sat on the platform across the river. I took the photos with a Nikon 24 to 70mm lens set to 70mm because I was a little far away and wanted to make sure I could crop out the land, making it look like Dannie was in the middle of the bay. The second time was closer to sunset and I actually waded into the water with Dannie.

Because the sandbar is narrow you have to be very careful when doing this because if you step back in the wrong place you might fall into much deeper water. Because I was so close I shot at a fairly wide 36mm, holding the camera close to the water so I could get those beautiful ripples in the foreground. At sunset, you get dark mountains nearby, but the mountains way in the background are illuminated by golden light.

Dannie walking on water in Montenegro, with the blue mountains surrounding the Bay of Kotor.

Dannie walking in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro at sunset with ripples in the water.

The best place to walk into the Bay of Kotor.