A birthday Glamping trip near Venice!

For my birthday, Jake surprised me by booking at a Glamping Resort just outside of Venice, Italy. It started some month ago, when I was planning for our Venice trip. I usually do a very extensive research of the place we will be traveling to. When Canonici Di San Marco popped up, I showed it to Jake and jokingly said I would love to celebrate my birthday there. Then in May, here I am. arriving at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco with a suitcase packed full of new dresses we spent a week picking out in Venice.

Walking near the orchard at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Relaxing in Glamping Canonici Di San Marco's Bamboo tent.

The delicious picnic basket we enjoyed at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco near Venice, Italy

Not like Jake’s childhood camping trips

Growing up in New York City I had never been tent camping before I met Jake. Sometimes a weekend here and there in a cabin, but never close to sleeping on the ground, cooking by the fire. Jake grew up in New Hampshire and used to camp lot as a kid. But nether of us has been Glamping until we tried it on my baby moon. Before that we had one other (much more rustic) camping trip in Acadia National Park before the government shut down a few years ago. However I’d never imagined that I’d be Glamping near Venice, Italy, a city that conjures up a different kind of romantic imagery. But Glamping Canonici Di San Marco has made camping chic and exquisite. Oh gosh,I think I’m a little addicted to Glamping now. And even though it’s not like Jake’s childhood camping trips, it was still great experience for Lisa.

Enjoying the rustic scenery at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco just outside Venice.

Inside the main building at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco

The beautiful interior of Glamping Canonici Di San Marco's main building.

Decorative purses hanging on a wall in a picture frame near Venice, Italy.

Inside the dining room of Venice, Italy's Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Breakfast is served in the dining room at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

I loved the fine china at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

A Vacation from Vacation

Venice is like a painting – a romantic city that should be on every couple’s honeymoon list – but it’s also a very exhausting city; it’s hot, crowded, noisy, and like every vacation you have ever taken in a popular destination, by the end of the week you are so mentally and physically tired that you just want to go home and RELAX. We have the added bonus of constantly trying to keep a toddler from throwing herself into one of the canals. By the end of our first week in Venice all of us (including baby) were looking forward to some quiet time, some space to relax, roam around and enjoy a little pampering … and that’s exactly what we did.

Relaxing on a table with some flowers at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Running around outside at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco during our trip from Venice, Italy.

Jake and Lisa relaxing in the bamboo tent at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Lisa taking a nap in luxury at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco near Venice, Italy.

The luxurious accommodations at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco, Venice, Italy's best Glamping Site.

 Glamping at Canonici Di San Marco

The camp ground is only 4 train stops from Venice’s main train station (4euro/one way ticket). For our trip to the camp ground we asked the staff to pick us up outside of the Venice Train station (the camp ground billed us 35 euros for one way pickup), and we took the train back to Venice.

A very fancy daily breakfast is included, if you are a big breakfast eater like me you are going to cry (happy tears) at the variety of pastries they have freshly prepared every morning, not to mention stunning display of table settings. We dined there two mornings and each time our breakfast table was prepared with care – totally Instagram worthy.

Lunch is not included. We have seen other guests getting pizza delivered, but we ate so much for breakfast, we’d found it hard to burn it off by lunch. So we skipped lunch and enjoyed some complimentary snacks and champaign that were waiting for us in our tent when we arrived.

For dinner we paid for fancy picnic baskets (50 euros is not a bad price for a romantic dinner for two). The first night we enjoyed our picnic basket inside our tent. It was the most romantic birthday celebration I’ve ever had. Lisa even let me off the hook by quietly watching Peppa Pig in her crib (yes Glamping with a baby crib and wifi is awesome!). The second night we had a picnic dinner at the resort’s winery. It then occurred to me that having a private romantic dinner in a winery has been on my bucket list … Done!

There are four tents in total, connected by bamboo path with path stones imported from Bali. Staying in our tent it felt like we had been transported to Southeast Asia straight from Venice.

There was soft grass everywhere, and we could let our mind relax as little Lisa ran around. She could play freely without hearing us yelling “no no no” at her all the time. All in all everyone relaxed and truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Walking along a farmer's field while Glamping near Venice, Italy at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Enjoying a field of yellow flowers while Glamping near Venice, Italy.

Playing in a field in front of our Glamping tent near Venice, Italy.

Entering the bamboo tent at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco, where we spent two nights glamping near Venice, Italy.

Heading out into the beautiful scenery outside our Glamping Tent near Venice, Italy.

The view from inside our tent at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Dannie and Lisa inside our Glamping tent, with white curtains hanging down.

Walking down a bamboo path while glamping near Venice, Italy.

The picnic basket we ordered at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Picking up our picnic basket at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco.

Our table awaits for dinner at Glamping Canonici Di San Marco, near Venice Italy.

All the wine we could have drunk while clamping near Venice.

The kind of meal we expected while Glamping near Venice.

A delicious meal of authentic Italian ravioli.

Some yummy deserts we enjoyed while Glamping.

Mother and daughter toasting to our Venice Italy glamping weekend.

This was not our first glamping trip, and it certainly won’t be our last. As we continue our travels, glamping around the world would a great way to collect unique memories. Glamping Canonici Di San Marco has been checked off. I wonder where we’ll camp next …

Update: Our next camping trip (in Scotland) wasn’t exactly glamping!

Disclaimer: During our stay we exchanged professional photography services for one of our meals.