Ok, so Lisa’s first year birthday didn’t technically land in the middle of our trip to Paris – it was off by about a month and a half. But Dannie thought we ought to celebrate it overseas, and I was persuaded to go along with it. We decided that a birthday picnic in front of the Eiffel tower would be fun, romantic, and photogenic. On a cool October morning we bought a box of fresh pastries and few baguettes and headed down to Champ de Mars.

But what we expected to be our ideal lawn wasn’t really a lawn. It was… dirt. And it was crowded dirt, too. It was square in front of the tower, but it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. Luckily we’ve gotten pretty good at making the best of these situations. Off to the side there were a number of grassy areas that most normal people would ignore – and rightfully so – the place we found was next to a bus station and a trashcan! It’s not ideally your romantic picnic location, but here’s what it had going for it:

-There was a nice foreground: The grass here was nice and green, and there were even a few dried leaves on the ground to remind people that it was Autumn. Though the trashcan and bus stop were unsightly, we could easily compose a shot without them.

-There was a great mid-ground: Above dannie and Lisa, a few branches reached out across the sky, filling in those empty spaces around the tower.

-There was still a clear view of the Eiffel Tower: No point in walking all the way there without getting one of the best backgrounds in the world!

-It was quiet: there were no other tourists around, photobombing our shot or distracting Lisa.

While all the toursts around us were busy standing infront of the eiffle tower taking selfies, there we were, a weirdo family, pickniking next to a bus stop 🙂 but I believe we walked away with better photos and fun memories.

Next time when you are in front of a crowded trousty area, don’t forget to stop and look around with your camera, there’s always a good photographic angle that people don’t often see.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve taken a photo to get a good angle?