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Our DSLR is the camera Jake uses most of the time, but there are certain situations that call for a mirrorless camera. And that’s where my little Fujifilm X100T comes in handy, the main advantages of a mirrorless are that it is small and quiet. This means that they can capture great candid moments while still fitting discretely in my purse while I travel to places like the islands of Burano and Torcello in Italy.

What I like about my Fujifilm X100T is how easy it is to control the in camera editing. With DSLR Jake always shoot in raw and I spend a great deal with post-processing, but been a busy mom sometimes I just want good photos captured and edited in camera, so I can post on the blog without further work. with my Fuji I often find myself shoot in JPG with in camera effect, which is the main draw to this camera (at least for me). I love Fujifilm’s classic pastel like color profiles which modern digital brands like Canon or Nikon just can not produce in camera. The in camera presets are classic film edits, not cheesy filters. Sometimes I’ll still edit the images on my laptop anyway if I think it’s worth my time, but I often get usable photos straight out of camera.

We used our Fujifilm x100t to capture colorful photos of Burano.

Burano had some harsh shadows late in the morning, which made the in camera adjustments for the Fujifilm x100t very useful.

If you want to see some color on your trip to Venice, hop a water bus to the small island of Burano.

Burano, an island near Venice is a beautiful rainbow for travel photography enthusiasts.

A very pink building we photographed with the Fujifilm x100t.

During our month in Venice we took the Fuji with us when we went to explore the islands of Burano and Torcello for the very first time, we didn’t arrive at the islands during golden hour, quite the opposite – it was midday and we packed lunch.

Photography in this condition usually leaves harsh shadows (raccoon eyes) so most photographers favor the golden hours. But for scouting it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. We snapped photos here and there so we can look at the pictures at home to figure out composition. And this is just a few of my random snaps with Fujifilm X100T, enjoy!

On the island of Burano, near Venice, Italy, even the cafe's are colorful.

Internal light adjustments make the Fujifilm x100t ideal for easy going travel photography.

This travel photo with lots of color, bright highlights and dark shadows was captured with the fujifilm x100t.

The Venetian island of Burano is the perfect destination for travel photographers.

On the island of Torcello, near Venice, we Brough our fujifilm x100t to help us capture travel photos of a casual day trip.

A relaxing restaurant garden on the island of Torcello. A good day trip for travelers visiting Venice, Italy.

A shady place to enjoy a meal on the Venetian island of Torcello.

A beautiful house near the old church on the Island of Torcello, near Venice, Italy. This photo was taken with the Fujifilm x100t.

Another beautiful casual travel photo taken with the Fujifilm x100t on our day trip from Venice to Torcello in Italy.

Bright skies and deep shadows were not problem for the in camera editing powers of the fujifilm x100t.

Riding back from our day trip from Venice to Torcello. Another day of travel photography done.

The boat ride from Venice to the island of Burano.

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