If you’ve ever been to South Florida you know that the heat can be oppressive. This is doubly true during the Summer, triply true if you have a baby with you, and quadruply true if you plan on taking photos and don’t want a sweaty face to ruin your makeup. You will be surprised to hear me say that all four of those situations apply to us frequently when we travel.  Anyway, here are some ways we beat the heat while taking travel photos in Palm Beach.

Get Up Early: We left our hotel  at dawn so that we could catch the golden hour light. It’s true that golden hour lasts longer and has warmer colors in the evening, but in the morning it’s much cooler and as an added bonus there are fewer people out.

Dress Light: I know you probably weren’t thinking about wearing a coat or anything, but a nice breathable material does make a big difference. Dressing in white is a good way to keep cool when you’re in the sun, but if you think you might sweat anyway you’re better off wearing something dark with a pattern to hide the moisture.

Avoid the Sun: We’d just taken some beach photos in Delray the day before, so we stuck to the beautiful courtyards and covered walkways along Worth Ave. The shade and lush greenery helped us keep our cool, both physically and mentally.

Pack Light: We normally bring our jogging stroller on photo shoots since it can hold extra gear for us, but since we were out of town the bulky jogger had to make way for extra luggage and a pack n’ play. We picked up this handy umbrella stroller just for this trip and we were glad we did. It was easy to push around and lift in and out of the car without breaking a sweat.

(Check out our resources page for all the gear we currently use, plus everything else we find useful when we travel)