Walking along a wooden fence at the OK Corral Farmstay in Montenegro.

Watching Lisa interact with the baby goats at the OK Corral farm stay was like watching a strange dance of curiosity and uncertainty. Lisa would approach a goat until it noticed her and ran away to its mother. Once Lisa lost interest, the goat would approach her until she noticed it and ran over and hid her face between Dannie’s legs. They traded moments of pursuit and flight for about fifteen minutes while I knelt in the grass with my camera, fighting the harsh light of the late morning sun. It was a beautiful day in Montenegro.

Somewhere in the background I could hear Brit talking with Mia and Drazen, the farmstay hosts who had welcomed us shortly before we got distracted by the goats. Brit is the founder of Farm Stay Adventure site, Meanderbug, a service that connects travelers with authentic village experiences in the Balkans. But today he was doubling as our choufer and tour guide, having lured us away from Kotor, Montenegro with promises of breathtaking views, delicious food, and real cultural experience. The goats were part of the scenery and part of the family at OK Corral farm stay near Virpazar, our first stop of the day.

The Farmstay we visited with Meanderbug Near Lake Skadar in Montenegro.

Enjoying the flowers at the OK Corral Farmstay in Montenegro.

Playing with goats at a Montenegro Farmstay near Lake Skadar.

Family farmstay in Montenegro. Featuring goats, cats and other animals.