Last week I went through some of our old China photos while I held Lisa. We pointed out the pandas we saw in Chengdu, and she giggled and kicked her feet against my chest. I really wish she had been there to see them. We’ll probably make it back to China someday and I hope to take her to see the Panda in this amazing place

The Panda habitat in China is a bit of a hike, but we don’t have to travel far to get her used to our furry or feathered friends. We live just 40 minutes from a great a wildlife sanctuary, and as soon as the weather cools off just a little, we’re going to take her to see some really cool wildlife, up close and persona. We’ll be sure to post some photos.

Travel Photography Tip: Tourist attractions in China, like this panda sanctuary, are crowded… really crowded. Sometimes you have to wait a long time just to get to the edge of an enclosure for a picture, and once you’re there you feel a little bit rude making those behind you wait while you look for the best shot. However, tours and groups likes to go with the flow in preplanned directions, and if you see big tour groups, look at your park map and walk the loop  in the opposite direction. You’ll cross paths with them occasionally, but you won’t be stuck with them the whole time.