Bits & Pices: Lisa's passport

Only a month after Lisa's first birthday we'll be taking her on a ten day trip to Paris. We love traveling with Lisa, and you've probably noticed that we love talking about traveling with Lisa, but this will be on a scope far beyond what we have tried in the past. There are so many loose ends to tie up (What does she sleep in? How does she ride in a taxi? Will she look good in a beret?), but one of those loose ends just got tied up in a nice little bow. Lisa's first passport arrived this week!

There's something about looking through a document and seeing your little girls name and photo. It makes her seem less like a baby and more like a real person. Call us ambitious, but we opted for the 60 page passport instead of the 36 page. Jake and I flipped through it quickly and imagined all countries that would one day fill it. Suddenly our trip didn't seem so far off, and we started to realize just how fast our daughter is changing. By the time we go, Lisa will probably be walking. She's already saying "Mama" and "Dada." Who knows how her vocabulary will grow in the next few months. Maybe she'll even pick up a few words of French!