Some people (my mother) don’t like to celebrate birthdays, but I do, maybe it’s the lack of birthday celebrations during my childhood that I’m making back, but I love birthdays, and every birthday since I was 18 I’ve always asked for travel checks/money. not because I’m a loner, but because I really love to travel and if I can’t do it regularly I want to do it on the day that matters. And most of my amazing travel experiences so far are tied with my birthday — which is fun and easy to remember on it’s own.

This year Jake asked me where to go, and I said St. Augustine, we have been there so many times, and overtime I love it even more. This time we are bring baby lisa. We did most of our shooting in the morning on our second day, after spending the first evening relaxing with Lisa and enjoying birthday dinners.

traveling with a seven-month-old baby presents many challenges, not least of which is the frustration that comes with knowing she won’t remember anything we show her at this stage. Luckily, when she’s older she can look at the photos and know that she has been to some of the most wonderful places (Before her first birthday). Half of being lucky is knowing how lucky you are!