Our Story


Hi, we’re Jake and Dannie, we sold our home in United States and jumped on THE SLOW TRAVEL WAGON  with our baby girl since January 2017. Our goal is to travel slow, experience authenticity and make it a home wherever we go in the world.



JAcob Littlefield:  Degree in english, interested in robotics, technology, photography and science. for J+D he is A writer, thinker and The man behind camera. Jake wears many hats; from taking care of business to taking care of the family. He is always eager to get out there to discover something new. 

Dannie Gao: a native New Yorker, worked over a decade as graphic designer in Boston MA. for J+D she is a Photo Retoucher and brand Designer. Her interests are gears + tech, cook books, wellness and photo styling. Dannie's favorite time killer is visiting anthropologie. You'll find her stories on Jake and Dannie's Instagram.

Jake loves order and routine but Dannie gets bored when things are too predictable. She makes grand plans of life but Jake is the man that carries things through from start to end. if you are vacationing somewhere and hears very loud baby crying - seek us out jake and dannie might be near by. We don't pretend to have the perfect family; kids cry, couples argue, mistakes we make while traveling ... that's just the facts of life and we record it all on our blog.

Lisa: Our little girl and top model. Born into a family of photographers, she hardly gets a moment without a camera around. She had been commercial modeling for: barycenter app, pampers, Aldi baby and mead johnson since she's 3 month old. Lisa now spent almost a third of her life traveling overseas, and we're learning as we travel how to raise a child on the go. exploring with lisa is our favorite part of every destination.

Our goal is not just to show our daughter the world, but to capture the most amazing photo album we can create. Our dream is to go though it with Lisa and remember all the places we have been.

The most important thing we are taking with us is the sense of gratitude we carry for the opportunity we have. Without our families, our clients, REaders and supporters, we would never be able to show Lisa the world in this way. We hope that you’ll enjoy reading about our journeys, and seeing the world as we see it through our lens.

Jake & Dannie

+ baby Lisa